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Jetty Rae | "Kerosene"

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SongDoor 2014 is officially OPEN!

SongDoor is an annual worldwide songwriting competition that's open to amateurs and professionals, ages 16 and older.

We are not here to make you the next American Idol. We are here to help you do two things: first, get your music heard by industry pros who have influence and connections. Second, help you be a better writer. We give you ($170 worth) just for entering. No other competition does that because no other competition cares about their writers like we do. Here's the proof.

We also have the lowest entry fee ($10). That's about a third of most other contests. It's been that way since we started in 2006.

Our judges are Grammy® winners, Dove Award winners, million-selling writers and music legends. They are all song-crafters at heart, and they know a great tune when they hear it. We want to put your best work in front of them, and maybe launch a few careers.

Our winners have gone on to big things. Anthony Snape (2008) just had his song "Balloons" recorded by Kris Thomas from "The Voice." Debra Gussin (2012) just had a song placed in the TV show 90210. Z-FLO (2011) is working on six different TV projects. We could go on ... point is, we'd like to add you to the list.

We're always here to support you, answer questions and give advice. Just ask.







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EVERYBODY gets to vote for their favorite finalist this year... some lucky songwriter will win $500 in cash! Learn more!

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