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Our sister company, Berkshire Communications (who designed the SongDoor site), has begun offering fully-custom websites for SongDoor entrants at a special price.

These websites are labors of love, designed with an artistic, personal touch and meticulous attention to detail. Above all, we go all out to ask in-depth questions so that you and your music are fully reflected on your site. We offer two kinds of sites:

PayPal e-commerce Sites

Songwriters who have a CD or two and want to sell MP3s directly from their site can do it easily - and cheaply - with a PayPal interface. You can sell hard product and ship it, or you can go all-digital download, whichever you want. No need for an expensive merchant account. See a live sample here or here.

Press-Kit Sites

This is the songwriter version of a corporate "brochure" website. Visitors can get a great sense of who you are, what your personality is like, and how it's reflected in your music. Includes a photo gallery, lyrics section and listening samples. This kind of site is for writers who don't have a commercial interest in selling their music. See a live sample.

Price Ranges

Prices for press-kit sites begin at $900. E-commerce sites begin at $1200. Minor updates (requiring less than 15 minutes) are free for the life of the site in either case. Email us for a quote!

How to get one

Projects are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Please email us first to check availability.






Hard Rock/Alt-Rock

Soft Rock/Alt-Folk


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