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NOTE: Those marked with a + deserve special recognition.
A double-plus (++) means the song was seriously considered as a finalist.


++ Levi Gangi | You'll See Her LIke This

++ Bill Moriarity | There Will Come A Day

+ Rebecca Chase | Love From The Father

+ Rebecca Chase | More Than The Sparrows

+ Steven Michael Johnson | Right Here At
   The Cross

+ Rebecca DeSantis | Grace Like A River

Don Coyne | Anything Can Happen

Tom Oliver | Feed Them

Vivian Gendernalik | Big Pharma

Rebecca Chase | Make Me Site

Josiah Lee | More Than I'll Ever Know

Rebecca DeSantis | Rain On Us

Su-Ling Hsueh | Heavenly Father, I Love You So

Jakub Polaczyk | Jesus My Love

Robert Young | Stone Her

Andrea Michelle/Bo Wayne | Come To Jesus

Andrea Michelle/Bo Wayne | Harmony Hill

Katie Hardyman | I'm Only Sleeping

Davhen Wong | Salt and Light

Alison Brock | Stars

Lydia Paine | Little One

Henry Kyz | Through It All

Dave Robbins | This Old Highway

James Hoppe | You Get What You Give

Kay Bell/James Shipstone | For Our Children

Dom Stasi | Legend

Mark O'Connor | Move Along

Jimal Shepard | The Invisible God

R. Elaine Ezell | I Cried Mercy

Vivian Gendernalik | War

Donna Devine/Pete Murphy | Everlasting

Till | Endless Caves

Jim Vierra | You Love Me

Mark A. Williams | The Only Father Have
   Ever Known



++ T. Williams/T. Davis | The Hymn of the Holler

++ Peter Bliss | Christmas Miracle

++ Mike Hyden | The Loneliest Lonely

+ Mike Hyden| Where Are My Car Keys

++ Steven M. Johnson| The Country I Grew Up In

Steven Michael Johnson | Looking for a
   Honky Tonk

+ N. P. Lawson/J-P. Williams| The Lion Eats
   You Anyway

+ Seth Bundy| When I Go

Seth Bundy | New Favorite Drink

+ K. Daniels/R. Leather| Tongue-Tied

+ K. Daniels/R. Leather| My Baby's In Cuffs Again

+ Levi Gangi| Abilene

+ James Johnson| Shooters and Beer

+ M. McGee/A. Wright/J. Oxford | Is This What
   You Call Love

M. McGee/A. Wright/J. Oxford | Lust Is A Must

+ Stephen Amos| There's A Moment

+ Janet Thomas| Take Your Time

+ J. Hoppe/M. Haller| My Life Began

+ S. Amos/R. Rierson| What Happened To
   My Country

G. Valles/P. Luboff/P. Luboff | I Don't Even
   Play Guitar

R. Otting/J. Smyers | While Tumbleweeds
   and the Credits Roll

Mandy Woods | In My Arms

Håkan Nordgren | Memories of Your Love

K. Hardyman/P. Stevenson | So Beautiful

Ben Benson | Weekend Fix

Ben Benson | If The Fish Ain't Bitin'

Stephen Amos | Down Memory Lane

Stephen Amos | I Can't Stop

Andrew Chipman | Don't Want To Be King

Michael Land | I Found Love

J. Austin/J. Austin | Poison

J. Austin/J. Austin | Neither Is She

Angela Kempe | Small Town Heart

Cynthia Brando | Driven By Angels

Kelsey Kufner | Cigarette

M. L. Moseley/V. Fay | This Town

Laura Tait | Gettin' Even

Barbara Lynn Jacobs | A Better Day

Renaat Thijs | We Ran Out Of Love

M. Parker/B. Moore/W. Mathias | Stay Out
   of My Dreams

J. McConda/J. Stuckey | She Don't Mind

J. Hash/B. J. Peace | Red Light

R. Elaine Ezell | Daddy Doesn't Live Here

N. P. Lawson/D. Effren | Serenading a Stone

Felix McKinney | Stop the Clocks

R. Wile/K. Dozier | Best Kiss in History

Laramie Nixon | On Nights Like This

Pat Flanakin | Always The Last To Know

James Hoppe | Saving This Heart For You

J. Hoppe/M. Hoppe | I Knew

J. Hoppe/M. Hoppe | Down This Wide
   Open Road

R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell | Second Chance

R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell | About That

R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell | Red Rose

Ken Widis | First I'm Here and Then I'm There

Ken Widis | No More Love To Burn

Dave Robbins | Pennies

Monte Napper | Time For Bed

Shaun Catling | Born To Spend

Peter McKavanagh | I Thought Of You

Betty Holt | Count The Cans

Don Coyne | Danger Ahead

Adam Robert Alb | All My Life

Garrett James Cadwallader | Wish You
   Could Stay

Val Fay | One Of Those Days

Stephen J. Brackley | I Want To Live in the Villages

R. Elaine Ezell | Daddy

A. Michelle/B. Wayne | Once In A Blue Moon

Randy Lee | My Heaven When I'm Going
   Through Hell

D. Devine/B. Playle | One Tear Don't Mean
   A Heartbreak

Marilyn Oakley | In His Eyes

A. Bates/T. McGlinchey | Rosewood

SOFT ROCK (continued)

Larry Oshbour | Wonder Dream

Larry Oshbour | Time

Matt Gadeken | I'll Never Forget You

Matt Gadeken | The One

Nikki Forova | Between Your Eyes and Mine

Nikki Forova | Open Your Eyes

Nikki Forova | White Dandelions

N. Forova/P. Oland | Edge of the Rainbow

Nicole Hogan | The Lover and the Loved

Nicole Hogan | India Nights

Don Davis| California

Nathan Lambert | Sticks and Stones

Nathan Lambert | Get Better

Nathan Lambert | The Twitter Song

Nathan Lambert | Sing To You

Nathan Lambert | Is That What You Want?

A. Zam/Shaminor | Salam Chia Tay Goodbye

Andrea Michelle | West by Southwest

A. Michelle/B. Wayne | Seven Mile River

A. Michelle/B. Wayne | Purgatory Brook

A. Michelle/B. Wayne | Devil's Throat

Nick Luckenbaugh | Demon Dance

Michael Gomez | Hoops

Siobhan Hotaling | Soul Study

Siobham Hotaling | Back To Our Future

D. Sanders/M. D. Ripoll | Nothing To Do

Mandy Woods | Take Care

John van Hemert | City Lights

Nathan Chapman | Emergence

Nathan Chapman | Feeling Blue

O. Estrada/A. Lezcano | I Don't Know You

Donal Moran | Lough Rynn

Kevin Arthur | Gold

Daniel Frank | The River

Katie Ferrara | Love Can Heal A Broken Heart

Katie Ferrara | Naturally

Katie Ferrara | Home

Ryan Gollogly | Running Wild

Ryan Gollogly | Young Guns

Ryan Gollogly | Lost Boys

Ryan Gollogly | Back In Your Arms

Eric Bettencourt | Underwater Dream

D. Devine/B. Playle | If I Were A Sailor

Alec Gross | Poor Poor Me

Alec Gross | Talkin' To A Pretty Blonde Girl

Izzy Ryder | Paddy McGann

Izzy Ryder | Walk Away Those Blues

Jamser Dunn | Happiness

Michael Persall | Waves

Kimberly S. Larsen | Ready For A Landing

Steve Schultz | Dream Me In Your Arms

Steve Schultz | Over The Edge

Steve Schultz | Shadow

Alexis Stephenson | Where Did You Go

Alexis Stephenson | Nothing To Lose

Igor Clementi | Wait

V. Ow/J. Ling | Starless Sky

T. C. Urquhart | Everything's Changed

T. C. Urquhart | Pour Mon Ami

T. C. Urquhart | World's Greatest Rebound

Johnny Geib | Anywhere But Here

Kevin Britz | Time

Kevin Britz | In Silence

A. Reid-Lacerte/A. Lacerte | Orange Juice

Max Phillips | Someday One Day For Us

Rebecca Chase | Going Up

Zach Bellas | Do Not Worry About Me

Zach Bellas | Love You Tomorrow

Till Zuidema | Empty Glasses

Gian Piero Milanetti | La bella dama senza pietà

Rebecca Mae | Beautiful Temptations

K. Daniels/R. Poh | When Boys Grow Into Men

Lindow Sage | Not Alone Tonight

White Hunter Black Heart

Stephan Nance | A Troubled Piece of Fruit

Seth Bundy | Electric Blanket

Kellie Welch | Seeking A Breath

S. Shaw/K. Taylor | Perfectly Clear

F. Capers/J. Bishop/M. Allen/T. Toho | Shrimp
   'N' Grits

Don Coyne | Groovy Movie

John Murphy | Round and Round




+ Ryan Gollogly | Razor

Ryan Gollogly | True Spirits Fire

+ A. Michelle/B. Wayne | Purple Flowers

+ Alec Gross | A Brave Device

+ Paul K. Johnson II | Look Me Up On the

Paul K. Johnson II | Long Nights

Sergio Bigotta | My Dream Is You

Dom Stasi | Crumbs

Michael Wood | End of the World

Zach Bellas | Patience Is Running Out

Zach Bellas | Come and Find Me

Matej "Aziraphal" Hrovat | Lacrimarum

Todd A. Newman | Force Field

Sherri T. Hill | The Drifter

Kathyjo Varco | Talk Talk Talk

Roy Williams | As Bad As You

Wala Reza | Mask

Nikki Forova | Raising the Blood

Daniel Frank | Eye to Eye

Stephen J. Brackley | Skin Deep

Morrie Hartgraves | Forgotten Nothingness




++ Morri Hartgraves | A Sun With No Shadows

++ Katie Hardyman | If I Stay

+ Chris Parsons | Siberian Nights

+ Yun Zhang (Maggie) | I Will Love You Forever

+ Lydia Jane Pugh | Julia

+ Colin Mac Hale | Black Rage and Sparkly Eyes

Alberto Martinez Ramos | Bhava

Simonne Draper | Legenda Lila

Jay Krause | Pandora's Squeeze Box

Nicholas Achurch | Sunset

Nicholas Achurch | To Distant Shores

N. Achurch/K. Haiyes | Sands of Time

N. Achurch/M. Briggs | Time of Reflection

Roy Williams | Play Me A River

Aleksandr Chazov | Unopened Letter

Dave Slinger | Boy and the Tiger

Paul Mira | Life Is Short

Edward James Goodwin | aah Yeah

Todd A. Newman | Grand Pardoo

Till Zuidema | Wings

Matthew G. Duke | Cosmic Collision

Benjamin May | Grace of Monaco


++ Ellie Meyer | Breathe

++ Gracie Falls | Down But Not Defeated

++ Forget You | Michael Anzilotti

++ Akeem McDowell | Dandelion

++ Emily Brothers | The Garden

++ Kathyjo Varco | Love Come Here

++ Amy Gordon | The Maybe One

+ Amy Gordon | Could Save

+ Sean Street | Cover of Vanity

+ Sydney Harrison | Northern Lights

+ P. Mira/I. Kalitina | Game

+ P. Mira/I. Kalitina | First Sight

+ J. Froese/G. Alibrio | Already Over

+ Nitanee Paris Lawson | Fun To Touch

Nitanee Paris Lawson | Watch Me Go

Nitanee Paris Lawson | Some People

Nitanee Paris Lawson | Angels Like You

Nitanee Paris Lawson | Honey Pie

Nitanee Paris Lawson | Like They Do It In
   The Movies

N. P. Lawson/J. Bluth | A New Love Song

B. Walker/R. Howland/J. Dawson | Don't
   Get Me Wrong

Betty Holt | Another Place, Another Time

Jesse Lambert | Wind Me Up

Ananda Singh | If I Had You

Polina Kourakina | Beautiful Sunrise

David Hardwick | Dark Days

David Hardwick | Isn't Now Good

Adrian Bates | When The Lights Came On

Evija Vebere | Eyes Wide Open

Evija Vebere | Water Turns To Wine

Paolo Iovannone | Candystore

R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell | Tell Me

N. Rizzuto/J. Rockman | Caravaggio

Davhen Wong | The Sound of Aircraft

Meg Nezaj | Tricked

E. Lindsay/T. Peyton/C. Lindsay | Somebody
   Like You

E. Lindsay/T. Peyton/C. Lindsay | Blue Skies

E. Lindsay/T. Peyton/C. Lindsay/B. Jackson
   Love Storm

T. Ruffen/S. Lester-Smith | What Good
   Would It Do

Priscilla Paige | Lost in the Rhythm

C. Lees/S. Tydeman | Touch Me

C. Lees/S. Tydeman | In Your Arms

C. Lees/ S. Peters | Stuck On You

Nathan Champman | He

A. Mathewson/L. Winship | When It Seems
   Like I Can't Have You

Dani Tersini | Wicked

Katherine Thorne | Firefly

Katherine Thorne | Familiar Melody

Katherine Thorne | I Won't Miss Me and You

Barry Gill | Don't

K. Hardyman/P. Stevenson | So Beautiful

B. Rice/L McKinna | Waitin' For Me To Fall

Rob Cariddi | Jingle Jangle Christmas

K. Mann/J. Collum/D. Harper | Blackmail

Gabriela Galban | Seeker

Jonathan David Eason | The Pressure

Nanette Kology | You Can Find That Room

Rebecca DeSantis | Crocodile Tears

Eric Bettencourt | Dreamed

J. Thomas/A. Rapoport | Echo

J. Thomas/A. Rapoport | Buzz

Peter McKavanagh | Feel So Free


SOFT ROCK (crazy good this year!)

++ Robert Gillies | L. A. Rain

++ D. Shute/A. Beberman | Unsung Hero

D. Chute/A. Beberman | Widow's Walk

++ Levi Gangi | No Easy Way Out

++ Levi Gangi | The Aftermath

+ Levi Gangi | Waiting in Winter

Levi Gangi | One More Day

++ Mark Reid | Rosalie

++ Mike Hyden | In My Dreams

+ Mike Hyden | Christmas Eve With You

Mike Hyden | Up Is Down

Mike Hyden | Black and White

++ Andrew McNaughton | OMG

Andrew McNaughton | The Search

++ Judy Painter | Winter

Judy Painter | Goodnight Moon

++ Gracie Falls | The Blackbird

+ Gracie Falls | We Still Got A Moment

Gracie Falls | The Game

++ Thanai Phornpong | Our Lies

Thanai Phornpong | Forgve Me

+ Arielle Vakni | Backwards

+ Arielle Vakni | Your Town

+ Arreanna Jaye Lerner | Walk Me Home

+ Jordy Searcy | Next To You

+ Robert J. Hatcher | Before We Knew Who
   We Were

+ Shaun Catling | As The Crow Flies

+ Rory Sullivan | Out Of Here

+ Andrew Espinola | Till The Right One
   Comes Along

Andrew Espinola | A Place in the Country

+ Wesley Woo | Stay

Wesley Woo | Fall Again

+ R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell| Awakening

+ H. Rand/A. Stacey | Finally Found You

+ C. Henley/S. Doren | Fire

+ C. Henley | Ain't Gonna Dry Your Tears

+ Rob Hack | The Current Will Carry You Home

+ Christine McAllister | Summer Nap

Christine McAllister | Out of the Blue

Christine McAllister | I Still See Your Face

+ Mario Soutschka | (Waiting for) Amsterdam

Mario Soutschka | Traffic Jam!

+ Garrett James Cadwallader | Dear Manhattan

+ J. Froese/N. Montgomery | New York In
   The Rain

+ Nitanee Paris Lawson | You Make Me Smile

Nitanee Paris Lawson | Ghost of the Mockingbird

Alan Barrington | Together

Carla Dancey | Christmas, It's Just Like Heaven

Nikhil Johns | Drive On

Erik Berglund | Violet

Erik Berglund | Childish and Blue

Chang Ming IV | Missing You Softly, Weeping

Phil Pope | I'm Here For You

Lydia Jane Pugh | Disappear Here

Steve Ayton | Love Was Just A Game

Ian Lee-Bennett | Missi

Ian Lee-Bennett | Can't Wait

Megan Leonardo | Fade Away

Michael Cook | Cypress Hill

Louise D'Arcy | Butterflies and Dreams

Anna Chalon (aka KIDDO) | Sunshine

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