NOTE: Those marked with a + deserve special recognition. 

A double-plus (++) means the song was seriously considered as a finalist.

The remainder of the Honorable Mentions are in no particular order.


++ Rebecca Chase • Jealousy

++ Paul A. Lisney • The One

++ Hayden Greyson • Psalm For America

++ Karl Marrett • Shooting Star

++ James Piper • With The Angels

++ Robert Bryan Calvert • Do You Remember Me

++ Dennis Bryan Coppens • There Is

+ Michelle Robison • A Better Way

+ Dennis Bryan Coppens • Set On God

+ Jeffrey Johnson • Help Me Grow

+ D. Gussin/D. Effren • My Amazing Grace

+ Denis Hackett • Kingdom

+ M. Rowe/A. Munnl • Someone To Call

+ Kirsten Hanninen • Holy Water

+ Kirsten Hanninen • Prayer Song

+ Tiffany Smith • Goosebumps & Butterflies

+ Kay Bell • I Know You're There

+ Sam Major • Glory To God In The Highest

+ Vivian Gendernalik • Pseudo Piety

+ Alan Barrington • The Storm

+ Jesse Martinez • My Treasure Of Love

+ Law Artis • Dear God

Paul A. Lisney • Song Of James

Paul A. Lisney • Take Me Down

Paul A. Lisney • Moment Of Grace

Dennis Bryan Coppens • God's Got This

Dennis Bryan Coppens • Stay In The Place

Daniel E. Vines • We Magnify Your Name

Daniel E. Vines • Ypur Love Is So Amazing

J. Lee/R. Aguilera • Love Never Fails

Dave "Hedgehog" Mason • Extraordinary Love

Susan Odella • I Looked Up To

Larry Craig • The Answer

Larry Craig • He Cares

Jason Shepherd • All The Time

J. Owens/D. Wilson/B. Moore • Lifter

Gregory K. Dias • God Put A Bullet In My Heart

Vivian Gendernalik • The Woe of Romans 8:1

Vivian Gendernalik • DIY Bibles

Vivian Gendernalik • Lovers Of Myths

Walter Duke • Love On Lockdown

Ashley Hewing • Jesus Is My Drug

Dino Ascari • Even Greater Things

Eugene Harrison • Grace

Kirsten Hanninen • Wild

Kirsten Hanninen • His Love

Alan Cohen • You're Amazing

Diane Hurst • Come With Me

Louis Cate • If Heaven Had A Phone

Don Gnecco • Love Lifts Me Up High

Sammy Gene • I Gotta Believe


++ R. Cohen/G. Martindale • Headin' Home

++ V. Selwyn/J. Hoppe • Johnnie, Jim & Jack'd

++ V. Selwyn/J. Hoppe • Carolina Train

++ B. Wilkinson/S. Wood/M. Taylor/F. Farmer

 I Want You To Cry

+ Gregory Johnson • Amber Mist

+ John Trentes • 'Til The Corn Comes Up

+ Tara Silvis • Alibi

+ Stephen Amos • My Kind Of Chaos

+ Stephen Amos • Upon This Rock

+ Amanda McCarthy • Stumblin'

+ Wiley Siler • Sweet Summer Breeze

+ R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell • Blue Sky Rain

+ J. Purtell/R. E. Bellos • I'll Be Careful With Your Heart

+ Kris Crepeau • Twice

+ K. Daniels/R. Leather • Livin' The Dream

+ Susan Odella • Fire

+ Mandy Woods • Full Moon Over Vegas

+ Michelle Robinson • Age Of Innocence

+ Barbara Wilkinson • Empty

Stephanie Atkins • Lipstick and Loafers

Joe Richmond • Uber Can't Find The Farm

Robert Calvert • Heart's Already There

Glenn Valles • 1-4-3

Glenn Valles • Mat On The Floor

Mike Johnson • Rules Is Rules

Thomas Davis • A Stranger's Hand

Julian Cassia • Voodoo

Gary Bertsch • Passed You By

Mike Bell • Long Long Night

Mike Bell • It Don't Get No Better Than This

Stephen Amos • My Name Is Hope

Stephen Amos • Gamblin' Mood

Stephen Amos • Room For One

Stephen Amos • You Make That Look Good

Stephen Amos • Boy You're Gonna Love That Girl

Stephen Amos • You Can't Take A Song Away

Randy Barb • Ragged Blue Blanket

Randy Barb • Pictures On The Fridge

Julie Broschard • A Woman's Touch

K. Daniels/J. Hash • Speedway

Madeline Clark • Nowadays

Janne Syväniemi • Just For One Day

Thomas Broughton • Talkin' Man To Man

Thomas Broughton • Watch For Butterflies

L. Evans/C. Gratz • I'm Afraid Of Her

M. McGee/A. Pontier • Ocean Of Emotion

M. McGee/J. Moxcey • Dirty Job

Sandy Cherry • Booze Control

F. S. Pollard/I. Walton/D. Nicastro • Almost Drownin'

Travis Ehrenstrom • Four Roses

Sammy Gene • Troubles Are A Way Of Life

Alan Cohen • I Wish There Was Some Way

Richard Giersch • Nicholas Sparks Book

Conor Ryan Hennessy • Millennial Mesmerism

W. Adams/R. Adams/R. Fields/J. Hamlin-Fields • Homegrown

Brandon Greer • I'm Your Man

R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell • Red Rose

Heather Youmans • My Kind Of Trouble

L. Dawn Larsen • Call Me Joe

Keith Rayburn • Not Satisfied

Keith Rayburn • Wild Iris

Steve McAllister • The People That Made Me

Geoff Gattis • Staring Down The Barrel of I Don't Care

Ron Daniel • Nothing Ventured

Phil Mitten • Wherever You're HIding

Louis F. Cate • Backwoods Girl

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • Leave It On The Ground

D. Kuncicky/S. Grow • When Old Lovers Dance


Shota Yamamoto • Deep In Damavand

Phil Ipsan • One Day

Ben Jonson Geil • Song For My Mother

Garrett Clark • Remembrance

Vasileios Tzikas • Fidelato

Vasileios Tzikas • Sunshine

Chihiro Nishi • Shambalah

Chihiro Nishi • Five Guitarists In The Attic

James Wellons Woolwine • Waiting

Garrett Clark • Once Upon A Time

Jim Howard III • Just Passing By

H. Dickens/P. Cassidy • Her Healing Hands

Shota Yamamoto • Salamandra

Eric Walentowicz • Anxious Moments

Janet Carlos Striebel • Grand Arrival

Larry Oshbour • In Spanish Style

Charly Humbolt • Colors From The Palette


++ Daphne Gampel • New York (You're Bad To Me)

++ Ricki E. Bellos • Loss

++ Ella M. • Take Yourself Home

J. Feldman/H. Neal/S. Buist • My Strange Addiction

James Velasco • Outspoken

James Velasco • Finally See

Jessica Gordon • Tainted Souls

Heather Youmans • Is It Just Me

Janique Cheesman • Nashville

Abigayle Kompst • Blue Jeans

+ John Cox • Saved By The Melody

+ A. Taylor/R De Sa • Mellow Yellow Life

+ F. Galea/G. Lewis • Ain't No Better Love

+ Leila Anderson • Where's She Been

+ Alliyah Shanti Kenny • Great Expectations

+ Jess Novak • Here To Stay

+ Jess Novak • Ripper

+ Liam Burrows • Reflection

+ A. Avery/C. Ulanoff • Tell Me

+ A. Anuforo/C. Klein • The Moment Has Come

+ Tim Shannon • Clone

+ J. Allen/A. Wilkens/D. De Neve • Love Me Less

+ Ileana Exaras • Names That Hurt

+ Evie Joy • Expiration Date

+ Hanna Jensen • Move Along

Allen Adams • Elected Girl

Lorrynne • Reason

Anastasiya Ignatenkova • No Gravity

Andrew Harris • Deal With You

Glenn Valles • Opposites Attract

Glenn Valles • Victory

Trey McLaughlin • Heavy To Hold

Trey McLaughlin • Fear

Cierra Cinti • Hold Me

Agustin Manual Martinez • Ya lo sé

Wes Kober • Sense

Wes Kober • Can't Even Cry

Shannon Burchett • Do You Know

M. Green/D. Ori • 30s

M. Green/D. Ori • IDK

J. Allen/A. Wilkens/D. De Neve • The View

Alex Apolin • Seventeen

Susan Odella • Breathless

S. Odella/A. Apolin • Freefall

Mason Trey Raines • World's Too Fast

Michael Goldberg • Always Be There

Julia Marley • My Place

Julie Ludgate • Should've Known Better

Julie Ludgate • In A Heartbeat

Julie Ludgate • Echoes In The Dark

V. Edwards/K. Marrett • Smile

Noah Cade Peterson • Power Lines

Barney McCullagh • You & Me

Kelli Caldwell • Baby Baby Baby

Kelli Caldwell • Little Ray Of Sunshine

L. Valatiadis/M. Hambly • Old Love

N. Power/J. Pardo/E. Hulse • Feel

Christopher Weerts • Supernatural

William Corey • Wherever You Go

Maggie McGuire • Autumn Song (Second Chance)

Karen Price • Tell Me

Bryan Joseph • Do You Want Me

Z. Duke/B. Willard • Dance Baby Dance

Major Moment • Talking To Myself

Steven Brackley • Pretty Wings

Hannah Jensen • When You're Ready

Hannah Jensen • Wild Side

b.r.UNO • Love You Bad

John Galliano • One Winter's Tale

Christy Joy • Beautiful

Naomi Li • Blind Skies

Alliyah Shanti Kenny • Breathe

D. Templeton/L. DeMeo • Not Anymore

D. Templeton/L. DeMeo • FIne Girl

Ella M. • Breakfast In Bed

David Ian Hardwick • That Ain't Right

F. Galea/T. Totten/D. Staniforth • Out Of Focus

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • Fly

E.Frizzell/R. Gladieux • Fire & Ice

Ali Saad • My Life

Sophia McCarthy • By Your Side

James Velasco • Invisible

Janne Syväniemi • The Value Of ME

Subhi Khanna • Cage

A. McCarthy/T. Shubsda • Just One Night

Bryan Joseph • Come Fly Away

Larissa Davis • Rainbow

Larissa Davis • I Am Not An Ash


James Piper • From Myth To Legend

Brenton Viertel • Hey Kid

Keith Rayburn • Jez Dame

Mossmunn • Would That It Were

Thomas Fay • RetroFit

Thomas Fay • Perfect Autumn

F. Holm/A. Sandberg • Rage

Allen B. Lewis • Enemy Eyes

Brinton Clay Upshaw • Overflow Summation

Leonard P. Jorns • No One Knows I’m Gonna Die Today

Mossmunn • Gypsy Cowboy

Mossmunn • The Internet Rocks

Calum Hammon • A Good Night's Sleep

Keith Rayburn • Knock

Logan Guilbert-Neal • Opportunity

Daniel Carbajal • Believe

Your Persona • Neurotic

Jarel Hallock • Naughty Jenny

Tyler Tholen • You And Me

Ryan Wasoba • Newcomer

Jeronimo Restrepo • New Life

T. McLaughlin/C. McLaughlin • Monster

Daniel Cook • Demon Eyes

Adam Hensby • Leave

Major Moment • Talking To Myself

Major Moment • Living Your Life Like This

Amanda McCarthy • Elephant In The Room

Glenn Valles • Rock Bottom

Charles R. Vanek • What's The Point

Charles R. Vanek • Keep On Running

Erica Rowell • Carnations

Erica Rowell • Riverside

K. Witkowski/M.Skinsacos • Yellow Brick Road

K. Witkowski/M.Skinsacos • Say You Love Me

Joan Boccafola • Savage

B. Green/R. Peterson/C. Hoffman/J. Trageser/E. McNeil • Comeback

Miira Valve • Ten Years Of Love

Larry Oshbour • My Romance

Thomas Fay • Asphyxiate

Allen Adams • So Clever

Alan Cohen • Life Is Good

Jeff DeVito • Sycamore

Barney McCullagh • Scarlet Fever


++ Courtney Preis • Waiting On The WOrld

++ David Jones • Charles

++ Addison Horner • I Don't Know, But I Love You

++ Bill Dake • Caramel & Cream

++ Pamela Machala • To Open Yours

+  Andrea Corsaro • Leopard Spots

+  Stephanie Atkins • Skinny Jean Bonfire

Manta Sidhu • Light

James Velasco • Growing

Emily Franke • Next To Oil Paintings

S. Silver/E. Silver • Christmas Eve At Your Grandma's House

Alan Cohen • 10,000 Kisses

Alan Cohen • Mrs. Cooper

Jay Kennedy • Golden Rule

Sam Miller • The Giving Of Your Hand

Sam Miller • Contemplate

Curt Joa • I Can Still Love You

Mark Shock • Free and Easy

Evie Joy • Whole

Bill Dake • It Must Be Raining

Robert Reris • Breathe Now

D. Templeton/L. DeMeo • This Ends Tonight

Constant Van Graan • Brittle Stone

Sue Sherback • Homecoming Night

Susan Odella • Too Many Feelings

J. Steven Lamperti • The Wedding Song

Jen Cork • All Of Me

Mike Ward • We Wonder

Mossmunn • In Clover

Amalie Skriver • Nothing To Say

A. Taylor/R. De Sa • Wildfire

Dennis Bryan Coppens • Waiting For What's Mine

Miira Valve • Where Ravens Cry

Brett Vogel • I'm A Buffalo

Gregory Johnson • Country Club Motor Lodge

Andrea Corsaro • Again

Andrea Corsaro • You Ghosted

Andrea Corsaro • Like Satellites

R. Parrish/J. Ericson • Together

R. Parrish/T. King • Why Don't We Dance

Russ Parrish • Coast Of Carolina

Andy Stern • A Funny Kind of Way

Andy Stern • Dancing In Your Soul

Andy Stern • A Place In My Mind

Jeff DeVito • Head In The Clouds

Erica Rowell • Can't

Cecily Keim • Daphne

Mike Ericksen • Myst

Daniel Cook • In The Morning

D. Stone/N. Stone • Ten Black Crows

Ken Widis • The Dreams I Dream

Ken Widis • Another Chance

Bill Dake • Chainsaw Weather

Keith Rayburn • Gone

Keith Rayburn • Lonely Train

Keith Rayburn • Lyrical Lies

Keith Rayburn • Te Propongo

Joseph Michael Goodwin • Who I Am

Joseph Michael Goodwin • Dead To Sleep

Glenn Valles • Falling In Love

Jay Kennedy • The Highway

T. Josiah/Y. Yelizarova • Little Blue Dragon Lullaby

John Machowski • Change The World

Trevor K. Griffin • Make A Little Time

Alicia McLeish • Not Today

Louis F. Cate • Bliss

Louis F. Cate • Aspire

K. Varco/V. Varco • Caught Up

Dallas Wright • If You're All Mine

L. Tucker/S. Meath • Angel

Kelsea Robin • Pandora

P. Cox/J. Arthur • Sipping Away

Phil Mitten • It Just Doesn't Feel Like Christmas

Phil Mitten • Wondering

Phil Mitten • Me and Her

Phil Mitten • Flowers And Chocolates

Phil Mitten • I Just Love Being In Love

James Allen • If I Could

James Allen • Burger King Crown

Mickey Bailey • The LIttle Red Wagon

Janne Syväniemi • Dark Days

Ramita Arora • WIld Hearts

Ramita Arora • Hello

Cynthia Brando • Nowhere Is Somewhere

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • Where Angels Collide

C. V. Mill/R. Jamieson • Enough

K. Bell/J. Shipstone • No One Else Needs To Die

Heidie McCall • Perfect Match

No Band Project • Peach Marmalade

Naomi Li • A Different Game

Mike Ward • Content

K. Marten/J. Murphy • When Big Boys Cry

S. Kaneko/J. Martin-Tribe/E. Kurasawa • No Music No Peace

Son Jake • Time To Say Goodbye

Lynn Carey Saylor • Unprotected Heart

Paul Quinn • Old Time Lovers

Estani Frizzell • Cry

Suzanne Kinsella • A Little Crazy

Suzanne Kinsella • Just A Little Shove

Miira Valve • This Old Thing

William Lawrence • Slow Dancing On A High Wire

Talia Goodman • Sober

George Scholomite • Next Exit

Kevin McAleenan • I Won't Go Back

Hal Dickens • In Another Life

Alan Mandell • Walking Bird

Jen Cork • Maybe Someday

Peter F. Santovito • Our Love Will Prevail

J. Kennedy/V. Kennedy • Nightstand

J. Kennedy/V. Kennedy • Small Change

Joe Andolino • With Or Without Love

Tim Channon • Scar

Adam Beasley • Bear Flag

Christian Gratz • Midnight

M. McGee/M. Kachani • Chained

M. McGee/A. Pontier/M. Paulson • Beam Me Up Scotty

Adrienne Witt • In A Bottle

John Ross • The Other Side

Dave Mason • Ballad For A Circus Clown

Dave Mason • My Reverie

Kevin Serey • The Girl On The Hill

M. Mackey/J. Hayes • Jesus Song

Lucille • Best Of Me

Manta Sidhu • Where Do We Go Now

Madeline Clark • Washington Square Lullaby

J. Purtell/J. Statham • She's In The Wind

Lianne Fournier • By The Light Of The Fire

Lianne Fournier • The Gift

R. Lucas/S. Cantey • Two Different Worlds

Alan Cohen • A Smile

S. Silver/E. Silver • Square States

M. Clark/C. Carreras • The Mess You Make

Geoff Gattis • One Fat Kitty Cat

Christy Joy • I Chose To Swim

Christy Joy • I've Learned A Lot From You

James Velasco • Chasing The Dawn

Phil Ipsan • After All This Time

Curt Joa • Try A Little Harder

L. Dawn Larsen • Jacob's Song

Janet C. Streibel • Knock It Down

Asa Sandberg • Got To Let This Woman Be Strong

Dennis Bryan Coppens • Land Of Our Own

Anastasia Elliott • Meet Me At The Church

Robin Grimmond • This One Horse Town

Gregory Johnson • Before I Die

Gregory Johnson • Half Moon Bay

Maddy Clark • Gamble