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In an effort to help our writers have access to more opportunities to sell their music, SongDoor is working with a company that has excellent connections to music supervisors in both the movie and TV industries. There is always a need for new material and these folks don't have time to spend countless hours in the music clip libraries, sifting through hundreds of clips, hoping to find the right piece of music for their project.

We receive many entries that have underdeveloped lyrics, poor structure or other problems, but have distinctive melody lines or themes that really evoke a mood. Some tunes are just plain odd. While songs like these might not be right for us, they might work perfectly a scene from "The Hunger Games" or a quirky TV show. This is especially true of instrumental pieces. We just hate to dismiss these songs, because they do have commercial value. Now we will have a way to get those songs in front of people who can meet specific needs of those music supervisors who are looking for a certain sound, subject matter, feeling or energy level.

Our staff will now be screening every single song that is entered for possible film or TV placement! We are NOT raising our entry fee to cover this extra free benefit.

There is one requirement: any song we send to our partners must be a fully-produced* demo (meaning it must be recorded/mixed on something at least as good as Pro Tools). Music supervisors have no desire to be in the demo-production business. The song has to be ready to go, so keep that in mind if you're interested in this avenue. This is only required if you are looking for film/TV placement. An unproduced demo is perfectly acceptable for the competition itself.


Note: "Fully-produced" does not mean an orchestra, a band or even multiple musicians. Many guitar/vocal and piano/vocal pieces make it into film and TV ... but the recording has to be film-quality.




If you'd rather send your songs to someone directly, you may want to pick up the SongDoor Film & TV Contacts List.






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