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The Grand Award winner receives a copy of this best-selling

book on songwriting for film & TV, personally autographed

Retail value: $35.95


Shortcuts to Songwriting for Film & TV:
114 Tips for Writing, Recording & Pitching in Today's Hottest Market

Tens of thousands of songs are needed each year for TV, movies and commercials. The songwriting techniques and marketing tips in this book will show you how to craft your music and lyrics to give the film and TV industry what it needs, make broadcast quality recordings and pitch your songs to today's fastest-growing and largest market for music. You'll learn...

• 16 secrets to writing powerful lyrics that will work in hundreds of scenes

• 10 techniques for creating energy, mood, and atmosphere in your songs

• 21 strategies for making broadcast quality recordings on a budget

• 7 Shortcuts that help you lay the business groundwork and start pitching your songs ... plus 50 more shortcuts, including an in-depth look at the top ten ways songs are used in film and TV, tips on writing for film and TV musicals and exclusive interviews with top music supervisors and buyers!

About the Author

Robin has written and produced more than 500 songs for television, records, theater and audio products. She is a former Director of A&R for Rhino Records, Executive Producer of 60 albums and the author of top-selling songwriting books, including “Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting,” “Shortcuts to Songwriting for Film & TV,” “Study the Hits” and “The 30-Minute Songwriter.” Her books are used in universities and music schools all across the U.S. to teach all levels of songwriting.

As the head of TAXI’s A&R/screener team, Robin has given songwriting feedback to hundreds of successful and aspiring songwriters. She has also trained industry veterans in the most effective ways to share their own knowledge and experience with up-and-coming writers and artists.

Robin is a former Vice President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Recording Academy (the Grammy® organization) and past President of Los Angeles Women in Music. She has written for mainstream music publications on the songwriting innovations of Nick Drake, including extensive album notes for recent re-releases of all of Nick Drake’s recordings.

Visit Robin's website or read her outstanding songwriting blog at MySongCoach.com.

You may purchase any of Robin's fantastic books here.

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