Open April 15 - November 15

SongDoor is an annual worldwide songwriting competition that's open to amateurs and professionals, ages 16 and older.

We are here to help you do two things: first, to help you be a better songwriter. Second, get your music heard by industry pros who have influence and connections. We give you 3 FREE songwriting tools ($220 worth) just for entering. No other competition does that because no other competition cares about their writers like we do. Here's the proof.

Since 2006, our entry fee has been $10, and we have steadfastly stuck to that—however, inflation has hit us just like everyone else and we’ve had to raise it to $15. That’s still less than half of other reputable contests. We only wish we could have kept it the same. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Our judges are Grammy®/Emmy/Dove award winners, million-selling writers and music icons. We want to put your best work in front of them and launch a few careers.

Our winners and finalists have gone on to big things. Z-FLO (2011) is now a huge YouTube star. Robert Gillies (2009) just had a cut with Machine Gun Kelley x Bebe Rexha. Andrea Speaks has cuts under consideration for The Blacklist , Narcos, and others. Anthony Snape (2008) has had dozens of placements, from Saturday Night Live to Good Morning America. We could go on ... point is, we'd like to add you to the list.

We're always here to support you, answer questions and give advice. Just ask.

Why Songwriters Love SongDoor

At the heart of it, it's because we care. We're here to help make you a better songwriter by giving you free opportunities and tools toward that goal.

Right behind that, it's because what we offer is a tremendous value. We're not here to make money; the entry fees and evaluation service cover our expenses, which we try to keep very low. That's why, year after year, people come back to SongDoor.

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We're looking for original music videos to consider for broadcast on SongDoor TV. New videos are broadcast Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

A few simple rules, please:

  • The song must be original; no covers or re-interpretations of public domain music/poetry.
  • Live performance videos must have decent audio and a short (<5 sec.) or no spoken intro.
  • We accept live, acted or animated (moving) videos vs. a static slide.  Lyric videos are fine.
  • No hate speech or slurs, explicit lyrics or lyrics that glorify violence, death or destruction.



SongDoor 2022 is now open! It will be hard to top last year, but we know there are stars out there who have yet to be discovered! Send us your best songs … you never know what might happen!


Make sure your song is in the right category! Ballads usually belong in Soft Rock vs. Pop unless it's Country. All Country songs belong in the Country category.

See Category Examples


Every year, new songwriters seem to come out of nowhere and rise to the top. It's so exciting to discover great new talent...maybe this is your year!

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