The people at SongDoor are one of a kind! Genuine, warm and caring. It's evident from the feedback and comments they receive from songwriters across the world. SongDoor's Evaluation Service is one of the best. I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to anyone looking to hone their songwriting skills.

Glenn Valles, Mumbai, India

I recently received an evaluation from one of the judges with some awesome feedback and suggestions. I would like to thank you guys for doing that! Great help for amateur songwriters.

Brandon Evert, USA

Love the warm vibe you share, very happy to achieve two Honourable Mentions. Your contest is excellent, and very challenging!

Roy Williams, UK

Winning the instrumental category in the SongDoor International Songwriting Contest in 2011 helped us secure a publishing deal!

Vincent Pace & Alexander J. Keller, Sydney Australia

You all have been wonderful to work with and you do business the way I do. You always respond promptly and so politely, as if my request is the only item on your "to do" list at the moment. It's really hard to find this now days, so thanks so much!

Carl Evenson, Georgia, USA

I just entered another song in your contest and have requested a review--I've entered several previously and I just felt like I had to write a quick note to say, aside from just the contest aspects, how much I appreciate having a place to receive solid, objective feedback on my songs--and a trustworthy source to tell me if my songs are "there yet" or not, their weaknesses and where they need work. It is so extremely helpful to me in improving my craft. Just wanted to let you all know. Please keep doing what you're doing.

Thanks so much, Rob Reris

I have been well pleased using your evaluation service and feel I get more than my money's worth. The evaluator is very insightful and able to pinpoint where a song might need help while at the same time highlighting the good points. The evaluations are honest, constructive and encouraging.

Jeff Johnson, Indiana, USA

Just wanted to invest a minute and tell you that SongDoor is such a friendly contest for songwriters! You keep the entry price very fair, the rules are as clear as the day after a storm, your communication is great (quick and thorough response to entrant's questions). And what I feel is most important, SongDoor has that personal "down-home" touch that makes me feel your staff cares about the craft of songwriting and the opportunity you offer us "wannabes"!!!

Rick McGuire, NSAI Coordinator

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for the great contest you guys at SongDoor put on. It's first-rate all the way in my opinion ... I am really impressed with the free songwriting tools I received and feel they will help me improve, especially as I am pretty new to this songwriting thing.

John Hackett, Michigan, USA

Thanks too much! I appreciate the time and work to put in to this wonderful contest. It help to make my songs better. I entered many contests and I say that SongDoor is excellent in organization and professionalism. Please have me on your mailing list for next year's contest!

Nico Serruti, Naples, Italy

I must say I think SongDoor is one of the most user-friendly sites I've used. It has a very nice, personal feeling, like you're talking to friends.

Melissa Cloake, Australia

Just wanted to write a note of appreciation to all of the judges…your staff…and anyone involved with Songdoor’s contest. I was thrilled to even enter and be associated with some of the finest songwriters around. Thanks for your time and consideration, and for the GREAT job!

Skip Wilson, Colorado, USA

Thank you for providing the songwriter's tools. They are very helpful. Certainly a contest element that setsyou apart from the rest.

Mitch Townley, Tennessee, USA

Thank you sooo much for your great contest again, I love the winners music, (oh, for a talent like that) and thank you for your support and friendly good humor, it is truly appreciated.

Val Fay, Florida, USA

Even if you don't win a Category award or the Grand Award, you could well garner an Honorable Mention or place as a finalist. You can't win if you don't enter...and even if you don't, you'll still get $220 worth of very valuable songwriting tools to help you improve your craft. It's on us!